Weird spiders and my brother’s birthday!

This is apparently a Goldenrod Crab Spider. And it freaked the heck out of me… but mostly I loved the contrast of the bright yellow against the side of my truck… so wanted to share the images here.

And not that the spider has anything do w/ my lil brother (ok – he’s not so little, but since he’s younger than me he’ll always be my “lil brother”). Today is his 32nd birthday… and I’d like to share an embarrassing story about him! It’s a story from 1987… so I think it’s fair game now… HA! I recently found an old journal of mine. I haven’t re-read the entire journal… but I’ll tell you that at the top of all of the pages it reads “I love XXXXX” (the individual will remain nameless so as to protect his identity.) Anyway… I ran across this entry and had to share it….

“It’s Wednesday.
Mom, Loren and I went to Sizzler for dinner.
Loren ate so much he got sick and threw up.”

And that’s all I wrote.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUD! Wish we could have shared a piece of cake…. hope it was a good one!


One thought on “Weird spiders and my brother’s birthday!

  1. HEY! You’ve been posting. And when you do, I decide to be too busy to do the blog thing for…ever. I’m catching up on some and definitely had to see what you were up to in here.Big ol’ happy belated to Loren. May this new year of life be one where you really learn how to put out the vibe!-E


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