BLOG CANDY for 5k+ hits!

Since starting a gallery on SCS I’ve noticed that a lot of people are checking me out! Seriously – while I’ve stalked SCS and left only 5 comments in the past two years…. I finally decided to jump on the band wagon and post a gallery there! Since then (only YESTERDAY morning) I’ve had over 400 hits on my blog! And, at this rate, by this weekend I’ll have hit the 5,000 mark! (At the time of writing this my blog has 4,907 hits.)

While many other blogs have hits in the 100k zone – this is huge to me! My measely 5k hits has made my whole week! I had no clue that stamp- and scrap-crazed women watched SCS so much… do you all work? is there any housework to get done?! OR are your homes falling apart and you are just about ready to get fired for surfing websites from the workplace?! HA! LOL!

No, seriously – it’s so touching to get feedback for inspiring others to get to their crafting places and be happy for a while. So, with that said – I’ll be offering up my first blog candy to a random selection of the people who leave comments about how they are going to use this stand… 1 lucky recipient (by random selection from my DH) will be the winner of this Blog Candy.

There will be more info on this receipe stand provided in the post about the blog winner.

How to win: post a comment here about how you would use this stand. Here I am using it as a recipe stand. Winner will then receive stand and 10 – 6″x6″ page protectors (brand new from SU) so they can make their own project! (recipes not included – those stay with me)

Thanks ladies… in a moment of true candor, I had not wanted to put my work “out there” because so many of you are so great. Honestly, I was a bit intimidated to open myself up for criticism. I know – ridiculous thought. But still the thought was there. So, I’m working on that…

Leave me a comment! And HAPPY FRIDAY!

Hugs, Lori


6 thoughts on “BLOG CANDY for 5k+ hits!

  1. Congrats on the hits; your blog is wonderful and I can’t wait to check out all your projects!While I like using the stand as a recipe holder, as you show, I think it would be a neat way to store embellies, Prima’s, and the thing I HAVE to get control of, my chipboard!Off to explore your blog now; have a great weekend!~Hugs, Deb


  2. ooh!!! Congrats on making the 5K mark!!! I’m super excited for you!And how I would use this stand?? I would of COURSE use it to display the beautiful recipe pages I have collected from my swaps with the group! What a great way to get them in view all the time instead of just in a book!! Your blog is lookin’ good, Lori!!


  3. Lori, your work is always so beautiful! You are very generous to offer this stand. I would certainly use it for the same thing you are and would probably have some of the same recipe cards in there. :0)


  4. Wow Lori! I am glad everyone else can come see what a wonderful blog you have!Well – I have a few of these stands, and so far I have one used as birthday calendar with 6×6 decorated pages for each month, and pix of each birthday person, and the other holds 6×6 bible verse pages I have been making. I want to make another into a standing scrapbook.Honestly the ideas could be endless. Happy stamping my friend!!Amy O


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