Faux Crayolas – sorry Crayola and Staonal!

And no, it’s not a new technique. It’s a gag gift (sorry Crayola and Staonal – but you really should be flattered) for a co-worker. We have a year-end process at my “day job” with a strict deadline – and if people don’t meet that deadline we have to reject their requests. This policy-driven, procedure-abiding co-worker keeps insisting he’s going to, and I quote here, “write in red crayon ‘REJECTED’ on a fax cover sheet and fax back to the submitting firm if they miss the deadline”…

So, of course I had to put something fun together for him – and of course I had to use SU supplies to do it! I searched high and low for some over-sized red crayons. Who knew construction sites needed to use waterproof red crayons?! Hmph! I found these crayons (in boxes of 8) at a rather decent price. So, today I peeled the old labels off each individual crayon, put my own personalized label on (for said co-worker), and made an over-sized box to hold 24 of these huge crayons.

Yeah – this is a little bit of the ol’ practical joker coming out! You shouldn’t be surprised – you knew she was in there…

Details, details…
Colors: Summer Sun, Garden Green, Handsome Hunter and Real Red
Other: Cuttlebug / Nestabilities scallop dies, Sizzix Serif alpha die, number stamps


3 thoughts on “Faux Crayolas – sorry Crayola and Staonal!

  1. That is HILARIOUS!! I love it! And yep, I knew that practical joker was in there, and how stinkin’ cute and thoughtful are you?? I bet he was totally impressed!


  2. Lover these Rejectola crayons! Great joke for your co-worker, I’m sure it will be a hit! Very funny and cute too.Thanks Lori, for stopping by my blog, and for your kind words! smiles,Deena


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