Moving right along…

This is the back of the house. Our house is perched up on the side of a hill and the back of the house it up on concrete wall/stilts while the front of the house (road side) is at ground level. Underneath the house at this point there is a crawl space. But my favorite thing about the back of the house are all of those windows. This is my craft room… and I get to look out those windows onto the tops of all the trees in the neighborhood and enjoy a kickin’ view. Lucky me!

Just below those great windows are some vents … which were in pretty bad shape. So this new structure for those vents was finished today. Doesn’t it look neat? I wish I would have taken a “before” pic… ‘cuz they were B-A-D!

Notice – directly under where the clapboard ends, there is a concrete wall. When we painted we decided to have him continue the paint all the way down the wall so the concrete color matches the clapboard. Hope we like it when it’s done!

This is the west side of our house… right next to our tandem driveway. Just another view…

This is a detailed shot of one of the binding sections for that old clapboard. Apparently it was quite the project to sand down the rough edges and fill in the gaps. But once it is all painted those edges will hardly be noticeable.

And here is a pic of our kitchen window and the outside of the house (the road side of the house). Yet again, just another view of the progress so far.

Stay tuned for some more riveting updates on our big renovation for 2008!


One thought on “Moving right along…

  1. WOW, Lori……looks like MAJOR renovation to me.It will so nice when all is complete. You won’t want to move then.It was great to be with you and Lee during the Thanksgiving holidays and the amazing feast we had…especially the wonderful turkey. I always enjoy viewing your pics and the great perspective you take in shooting them. Keep up the good work.Love You!!


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