Quick wall art…

Several months back I picked up a leaflet at Michael’s about making your own art for your house. (And since we’re getting ready to stage our house for placing it on the market – I knew I’d want to put this to use.) They showed how you can take a styrofoam square and cover it for a quick 5-min project! Ingenious! See HERE – they used cloth napkins, I used scrapbooking pages – of course!
Since our house has been turned upside down (by contractors)… the small square I’ve been able to clear out is of course my stamp space! I mean, why not?! I can’t do much in the rest of the house until this work is done… we can’t even watch tv! So, to my happy stamp space I go! Let’s work on those ideas/projects that have been sitting on the corner of my work table for months now!
This one is super easy! I took a rectangle piece of styrofoam and cut it in half so I could make two 6″ x 6″ squares to go above my desk. I then found some fun 12″ x 12″ scrapbooking paper… grabbed my scissors, exacto knife and adhesive.
I scored the paper so that there were impressions for the 6″ square right in the middle. Cut off the corners so I could neatly fold the paper around the square… and adhered the layers to each other. The third image above shows the BACK of the image with a little bit of styrofoam poking through.
How I’ll attach these to the wall? I have so many options. I could use nails already in place and simply puncture throught the paper. I could use sticky strip on the wall and press square against it. I could simply lean it against the wall while sitting on my desk top. So, let me think about that… run some lab tests and I’ll be back. After I get these up on the wall I’ll come back to show an image of how it all looks.

Styrofoam rectangle by FloraCraft (found in the floral section at Michael’s)
Two 12″ x 12″ scrapbooking pages of choice
Adhesive (I like to use Zig’s 2-Way Glue)
exacto knife

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