Double take… all about dismantling and re-purposing!

These cards look rather similar, don’t they?! That’s the point… here’s the deal…

The first card (red one)… was an invite to lil’ Nathan’s 3rd birthday celebration!

And Nathan’s aunt Debbie recommended that I take apart the invite and reuse some of the pieces just to “mess with Mommy”… and that we did! HA! Lisa – got ya! That was a priceless look on your face when you opened the card … and like a puppy, tilted your head to the side! HA! Priceless!

I knew she would recognize the work… and then I knew she’d think to herself, “Lori has an Elmo stamp?!” And from there we witnessed the tilting of the head.

I took the top layers off the card… threw my own scallop edge layer in there, and mounted it to a different dark background card… adding my own frame and birthday message to turn it from Invite to Bday Card! And here’s her reaction…


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