Life is good…

That’s right… it sure is! Today it’s raining! And it was the first time I’ve had to take a picture of my truck w/ “clean windows” to get a picture of my Decor Elements “truck tattoo”. Like it?!
I saw a note somewhere else several months back about someone putting this on their hubby’s truck and on the family boat… and I just loved it. So purchased it for my own truck! I have had people ask about it in all sorts of parking lots, people point at it on the freeway and give me a “thumbs up”, etc. And even our pastor noted it last Sunday saying he didn’t know who the truck belonged to but wanted to point out a few reasons why “life is good” before the rest of the service got under way!
I simply love this… going along w/ the thought that “Your attitude determines your altitude”… life can be crummy but if you focus on that then it really IS going to be crummy. However, when you live w/ the mentality that “Life is Good” then the sun seems to shine a bit longer and a bit warmer.
Thanks to SU for helping me share this thought with others…
If you’d like one of these for yourself visit my site and look for the “Shop Now” button…
The Decor Elements line is growing by leaps and bounds with all sorts of new colors, designs and ideas!

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