Enraged with the liberal media…

I picked up my cell phone last Wednesday, a very busy day for me, and my brother asked “Hey look up this guy – Orson Scott Card. He’s a democrat but he wrote an open letter to the liberal media that you’ve just got to read!”

So I made a mental note to self to check it out…

While I was reading his article I had the sudden urge to find a blow horn and go out on the patio and read it to the entire neighborhood. He really dealt a blow to the media who swear up and down that they are “just delivering the news”. But his point is that they’ve lost all honor and are only showing one side of the truth.

Since then I’ve shared the article with many friends and asked them to pass it along. From my personal searches I cannot find any mainstream media willing to print this article on their websites. So I wonder if they have read it.

Then I just about jumped for joy when I saw this post on the Fox Forum about a Florida TV station which has been banned from the Obama campaign because of their direct questioning to Biden about his running mate’s stance on the “spreading the wealth” topic. journalist Barbara West – you are my hero of the day!!! See the Biden interview here.

Biden’s reaction to the Karl Marx question… classic!


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