I got tagged!

Oh gosh – thanks a lot Kay!!! OK – no, seriously, THANKS – but also THANKS A LOT! 😉 (do you hear the sarcasm?!) I just love Kay’s writing style… she inspired me this last and now I have a chance to say THANKS to her in public!
OK – let’s play this game…

7 random facts about me:
  1. For a short time in my life I participated in rifle competitions and scared some of the guys off, I think!
  2. I have never met my mother in law – in fact, never even seen a picture of her. We talk on the phone every now and then – but I’ve never been back to South Carolina to meet my DH’s family.
  3. I am unusually brave in moments of chaos. One day driving through town I saw a fight between a woman and her boyfriend – as they sat in their car he had his hands around her neck, choking her. (It was rush hour – how many other cars driven by and no one else had stopped to intervene?!) I whipped a u-turn, parked behind their car, walked right up to his door, yanked it open and lit into him! She ran for her life and he chased after her. I grabbed the 4 year old girl sitting in the back seat and waited for the police to arrive. My mom still shakes her head to this day when she hears of my need to get involved in situations like this.
  4. My cousin went to school with and used to play in a garage band with some of the members of the popular band P.O.D.
  5. Our family tree has connections going back to Johnny Appleseed!
  6. As a kid, I loved the story of Helen Keller so much (mostly because of her adaptability and overcoming spirit) that I used to put myself in her shoes and see if I could find my way around the house with the lights off or my eyes closed. I learned to recognize every day items by their texture, shape, patterns and weight. This comes in handy now that I wake up before my hubby and typically get the clothes out of the closet/dresser in the dark. I know what my brown tweed slacks feel like vs. my black slacks – because I know the patterns of the buttons at the waist.
  7. I got to spend a late winter/spring living in Geneva Switzerland – working in our european office! I “hooked up” with a group of chef students and every now and then we would travel together on the weekends – including my first adventure snowboarding, in the worst blizzard in 20 years. Good stuff!
My 7 tags of random individuals:
And on Kay’s blog, as she did also, there’s the option to play along w/ this tag game too. And I just couldn’t resist. So, here goes…

Things I love:
My Lord and Savior, his Grace and forgiveness, stamp therapy time, my DH (most days), what I call my “day job”, my friends and family, and planning for the annual ‘Gringo de Mayo’ fiesta at our house!
Things I don’t love: excuses, ignorance, thai food, pressure to do something i don’t want to do and being sick.
Artists on my IPod: various Christian artists, Josh Groban, Mary J Blige, War, Steve Miller Band, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Herbie Hancock, Dave Brubeck, Sandy Owens, Switchfoot, Nate Harasim and the alternate love of my life, Mchael Buble.
Favorite Food or Drink: espresso, mexican food, brie cheese, sushi, artichoke hearts (in just about anything), mashed potatoes, chips ‘n salsa and Guwerztraminer.


2 thoughts on “I got tagged!

  1. VERY interesting…you know, i did the same thing as a kid (walk around in the dark like that) I was so inspired by her story as well! Thanks so much for tagging me and for your lovely comments on my blog!smiles,Deena


  2. SHUT UP – never met your mom-in-law? I’m buying you a plane ticket to SC and sending a camera crew to document! Why, my top 10 list everyday includes harrassing my son-in-law for some stupid something – HA. So thanks for playing the tag game along with me, all your fun facts were sooper dooper creative and I bet we are somehow related (prob thru your mom-in-law). You rock!


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