My Nestabilities Storage… inspired by Julie Campbell

Thank you, Julie! This was a PERFECT solution to my Nestabilities storage conundrum! Seriously! I ran straight to the stamp room, got out my old SU magnet sheets (I don’t think they even sell them anymore – but you can get them all over the place now)… and put my lil design together.

Then I had to go and order ONE MORE Nesties set… so waited to put it all together and wanted to post a huge THANK YOU here to Julie for the inspiration! I love the idea… and have shared it with friends… and am loving it!

I just used SU card stock to sandwich my magnet sheets (I cut the sheets to match the size of the largest Nesties piece for each set. Then glued the card stock together and got everything situated. It really is that easy! I think this binder has 6 sets in it… and it was a tight squeeze using the SU jumbo eyelets through that much card stock… but it just barely worked. Then I secured them all together with some hemp twine.

I have scored each of the pages about 3/4″ … to give me just enough room for the binding… and voila!

Thanks again for the inspiration! This was a fun project… and everyone else I’ve shown it to just loves it!


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