This is for you, Debbie!

So my best girlfriend, Debbie, and I were ooing and awing over her adorable daughter Karina last night (and her cute flowery outfit) and Debbie said “Here’s a color challenge for you – old olive, blush blossom and baroque burgundy! I’ll watch for your post!”

Well, here’s the post… stinkin’ cute!!! You like how I used the ribbon to act as the stem / leaves for the flower?!

Debbie – can you guess what you’re going to receive in the mail sometime this next week?!


2 thoughts on “This is for you, Debbie!

  1. You are TOO funny – your comments on my blog cwacked me up big time! So whad-ya do when ya got no power, no oven, and no Christmas baking? Wal-Mart Bakery? I might have gone for a manicure instead. My mind works that way! Then I would have shown the neighbors my pretty nails instead of christmas cookies on a plate! Aren’t you glad U arn’t my neighbor?! Besides, ya never know if/when our truck might come barreling thru your living room window?! Merry Christmas Lori!


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