Days off are a gift from God!

Seriously – I would have slept in if my internal clock would have let me. But I guess getting up at 5:30 am IS sleeping in when I’m usually walking in the door at work around the same time… so, no, I’m not complaining.

I got right to work updating my new wonderful Facebook-ness. (And saying “adios” to the OTHER networking site… sorry Tom – I just wasn’t that into you!)

Then I went to get my neck adjusted… and then went to visit my boyfriend, well Michael is actually a craft store… but in my circle of friends we call him our boyfriend since we spend so much time hanging out with him. 😉 I love all the coupons I get to use – it’s almost like ‘going dutch’.

Made another stop, I think… then came home to multi-task with various projects at home. The hallway has a fresh coat of paint on it… now it’s time to make my mini-gallery. I’ve already got quite a few black/white prints framed… they’ve just not been loved very much. So today will be dusting off the frames and washing the glass and … do you think I can talk DH into helping me hang them? Or should I do it myself?! Hmm… cleaned out the craft room and put stuff in ‘give away’ boxes and ‘to sell’ boxes. I think there were other miscellaneous houskeeping projects happening simultaneously… all I know was that I must have logged back on to FB every 15 min or so for about 4 hours! HA! Hmm… focus much?!

In just a little bit I’m going to meet a friend from high school for coffee – Sharon… I’m sure we’ll laugh and snort and I already warned her that if we get laughing too hard I might spew coffee. (I’ve also been known to spray fluids through my nostrils from time to time… I’m not ashamed.)

After that? Coming back home to shred last year’s filing junk… and maybe stalk some more unsuspecting individuals on Facebook. Who can blame me?! I have a lot friends to catch up with!

So I leave you with this pic today…


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