MHC Women’s Retreat… the arrival and prep…

On March 13th I packed up my car and headed “up the mountain” to Oakbridge Retreat Center… it’s several miles outside of Ramona, on your way to Julian

I had been put “in charge” of decorations and so my car was packed with 13 tablecloths, 1 wine barrel, 1 side table, 8 grape garlands, 1 tool kit, 1 large banner for the stage, 4 changes of clothes, 1 toothbrush and other toiletries, a speaking outline, 2 Trader Joe’s dark chocolate bars, my camera and most importantly ear plugs for all my roomies (since apparently I snore at night).

After some hustle and sweat we had all the decorations done. Thanks to Flo and Lyn for helping at crunch time! I couldn’t have done it without you girls! We put up stage decorations and got our 15 tables ready before all the participants arrived for registration. Then we went and relaxed a bit…

This 9 foot tall banner was along the back wall of the main stage. Where did we get that banner, you may ask? Well, you may recognize the picture… yours truly was the photographer. And Partner Signs did the printing for us – thanks guys! You rock! What a beautiful banner in real life… this photo does not do it justice.

A huge shout out to Sun Fresh Vineyards – they let us use one of their empty wine barrels for the weekend! It added such ambience to the main stage… it just made me long for a glass of wine during most of the talks! HA! Nice focus, eh?!

More to follow on the beauty of the retreat site – as it continues to recover from one of the recent wildfires. Also more to follow on some of the connecting we did… you know what happens when you get 115 women staying up late at night? Well, I may never tell… what happened at Oakbridge, stays at Oakbridge. But I’ll post some pics later! HA!


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