Hanging with the Haraldsens…

Here’s some more pics from our family reunion/vacation …

We made some scrumptilly-umptious cupcakes … ganache filled chocolate and sweet cream filled red velvet cupcakes. Wow… those were great! We kept them in the fridge and fed off of them all week…

What else did we do while on vacation? The question is… what didn’t we do? We had family in from Colorado, Oregon and Texas. We had people going in every direction at every minute of the day… for a week straight we were stimulating the economy all on our own. When we weren’t running around we were doing this… ahhh, some down time.

Where’s Auntie Lori?!

Grampa and Gramma… we sure appreciate the opportunity that is created by sharing your time share! Thanks for helping us create a time and place for us all to get together and hang out. These times are invaluable… we love you!


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