Grillin’ at the Marsheks

I’ve said it before – when the Marsheks get together we eat. My Mom and Dad and brother and sister-in-law and niece were in town… what better time to get together and eat?! Seriously – I ask, what better time to eat?!

Dad and Mom picked up Grampa and Mary Ann and we met them at Paul and Cheryl’s house. We took sme pics, then we ate… then we laughed… then we chased the kids around the front yard while we thought about having dessert for Mary Ann’s birthday.

Unfortunately, at several points throughout the evening there were a few spills down a small set of stairs going from the entryway down into the living room (4 steps). And when I saw a few spills, I mean 4 different people fell down these stairs. While I’m laughing as I type this it was a bit more concerning at the time it happened. Go ahead, laugh… you didn’t watch your Grampa fall face first and just about slam his head into a stone planter. Sorry… my dark humor is showing here. I’ve got myself laughing so hard right now that I better sign off.

I’m happy to report there were no major injuries… but we all learned where those steps were by the end of the evening. Let’s hope no one gets badly hurt on those wicked things…


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