Summer faith project

This Summer I will be participating in a study and project to memorize God’s word. I’m going to start with this verse… I gleaned it from a friend, Kay, who is hosting this study. And whether or not I can get my hands on the book they are going throug (“Celebrate Life”… the first store I went to didn’t have it… so will try another store this week) I intend to do these 4″ x 6” scripture memorization cards along with them.

More on this later… maybe some of the ladies at my church will want to do this with me?


One thought on “Summer faith project

  1. Beautiful work Lori, and beautiful post! Just last night I was working to typeset this very verse, and I was too tired and my eyes were too crossed. You've done the work for me – thanks! It's really beautiful kiddo, 3 really's, in fact!


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