Workshop cards….using the new “goods”…

So, I just put the quiche in the oven and now I’m waiting for my friends to show up! Yup… you got it! It’s that time of year! Once a year I throw a “pj party”… I make lemon bars, some yummy quiche and fruit salad. We get together and eat good food, drool over the new catalog and mark up all the pages with post-it notes. Oh yeah, and we make a few things… here’s what we’re doing today…

I just got my hands on this beautiful designer paper. Isn’t it pretty?! I love the bright yellow (aka “Crushed Curry”) and the deep magenta (aka “Rich Razzleberry”)… they are just beautiful! aren’t they?!

I love these cute little trees. Don’t you?!

And here’s a fun technique… you’ll need the following items: stamp, versamark pad, card stock and chalks. First step – ink up the stamp image with Versamark and stamp the cardstock. Second – gently and slowly dab your designated chalk color onto the wet Versamark ink. Don’t smear it on… just dab it on. You can use as little or as much chalk as you want – when you add more it adds to the color intensity. Fun, eh? Then some people recommend spraying the card stock with a clear coat paint… it’ll keep the chalk in place.

If you couldn’t join us this time… you can next time!


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