Fun card for my hubby…

So, time w/ my Hubby is much cherished… mostly because his days off are in the middle of the week (when I’m typically working). And his schedule during the week is such that we doesn’t have set “hours”… he comes home once he’s solved all of the day’s problems.

To solve MY problem… I took yesterday off (YES! right in the middle of the week! GASP!) with the sole purpose of hanging out with my husband. We decided to go check out a cooking store. Yes, this is how the Tisdale’s have fun… we shop for pots/pans, utensils, measuring spoons, etc! You got it… even a utensil holder!

So, to start off the day I gave him this card… what a fun day with my husband of nearly 6 years! We went out for our favorite breakfast burritos… then shopped our tails off! Seriously! We were in one cooking store for 4 hours, and then moved along to two more stores to continue the insanity! Then we came home and tried out a new recipe…

And the new recipe? Creamy rice casserole … Zarela’s specialty! Part of that recipe involved roasted poblano peppers… so I grabbed the camera… and wow, it IS melt-in-your-mouth yummy!


2 thoughts on “Fun card for my hubby…

  1. WOW, when you "roast" a pepper, you don't mess around! Isn't is great to take a day off from "life" to remind us to enjoy it!? I'm learning …


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