even better cheesy biscuits…

Several weeks ago I tried out a new recipe… cheese muffins. And while we liked them (who WOULDN’T like them with 3 cups of cheese in the mix?!) my hubby said “Eating these makes me want the cheesy biscuits from Reb Lobster.”

(Silence… )

I ask “Red Lobster has good cheese biscuits?”

(More silence…)

Hubby says “YEAH!” (enter sarcastic tone here)

I say “I’ll have to try those. I’ve never been there.”

(LONG, LONG silence…)

Hubby stops what he’s doing, turns on his heels and yells in disbelief “You’ve NEVER eaten at Red Lobster?!” (And because of the high-pitch in his voice I think a glass in the cupboard shattered… )

Long story short… a few days later he took me to dinner. We ate good, including a few baskets of cheesy biscuits. And our wonderful waitress even brought me a bag of biscuits to take home for “dessert”! (Wait a minute – did someone tell her I eat bread for dessert?!)

So a few days later I found the recipe and tried it out for myself. And wow… I mean, WOW! These will become a normal part of our recipe book, with fingerprints smudging the corners of the paper, and, and… I don’t care… it’s all worth it!

Recipe I found online: cheesy biscuits


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