12″ x 12″ scrap-card

Now – this idea just about made me fall off my chair. My friend Joanie showed me a card she made recently. So, what did I do?! I came home and replicated a copy of it!

The base of the card is made from 1 sheet of card stock, measured at 12″ x 12″. It’s then scored at 3 3/4″ from each edge of the card stock. And again at 4″ from each edge. So, there are 2 score lines right next to each other… 2 horizontally and 2 vertical. You want the two different measurements so that you can fit embellishments and layers inside of it… see for yourself…


One thought on “12″ x 12″ scrap-card

  1. WOWEEEE KABOWEEE GOLLY GEE-EEE! How fab is this!? I am in love with this concept! You did an amazing job with all your coloring and sayings and stampings and beautiful bow! I SO need to quit my job and dedicate myself to the scrap-yard, oops I mean scrap-card! I'll put this one on my to-do list! Thanks!


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