Crocheted embellishments…

A huge shout out to my friend Kaye!!!

Girl! You rock my world! In the mail last week I received a little bundle of happiness… in the form of a ziploc bag in the mail. Inside this cute little bag was some fun embellishments… the bright jewels of joy below were hand-made by Kaye’s mom. These crocheted flowers measure about 3/4″ to 1″… perfect little size!

So I grabbed a pink one and found some card stock and made a card with my niece Hillary in mind. Her birthday was coming up… and I needed to get a card in the mail.

Hilly – Auntie Lori loves you! We haven’t kept in touch as much I’d want… but you have to know that the love I have for you is very deep! You and your mom mean so much to me! Your mom is a very wise woman… who taught me a lot about life and love. You are so blessed to have her to call Mom…



2 thoughts on “Crocheted embellishments…

  1. My mamma is gonna FLIP she sees how beautiful your card is with her handiwork! I'm SO glad you are enjoying them. But here's the best part – Auntie Lori took her sweet self to the bank with her loving words to Nice Niece Hilly! Oh you strike gold in my heart when you speak love to our God-chosen respective family members like you did here. Bless your ever-lovin' Auntie heart! This is good good.


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