Today’s stamp-a-stack cards…

Today I had my first holiday stamp-a-stack… for THIS year at least. And we had a blast. I set up 3 work stations and made room for everyone … next, I explained to them that they were on their own with the pieces in front of them. And we made these cards…

Pretty, huh?! Can I just say I’m tired of the summer heat (it’s supposed to be over 100 degrees a few days this week…. ME: not happy!)… and I’m ready to welcome in the Fall. So, I was itching to get working on this card today… and it came just in time … because the first bag of candy corn made it’s way to my house this week too! Weeee…..

Next step? I set the daring card makers down in front of these pieces of holiday card stock and gave them two different stamps. I wanted to see the different ideas they would come up with on their own. Some people even gave up on using the scallop square punch altogether and instead used scissors to cut out the scalloped square… now isn’t that silly?! What was funnier was her daughter-in-law sitting next to her who watched her cut the whole thing out by hand instead of telling her there was a punch that would do that for her!!! (Yes – really!)

And lastly… we worked on this beauty! And because of it I sold quite a few punches today! Woo hoo!!!

Have YOU started working on your holiday cards yet?!



2 thoughts on “Today’s stamp-a-stack cards…

  1. Sounds like a big 'ole rowboat of fun! How lucky your gang is to have you … even though you let 'em scissor cut! TOO funny! If I was there, I might have said to the scissor cutter, hey, you missed a spot! HA I love all your stamp a stack cards! Maybe next time you can have a scissor stack?! yes, it's late (or early) and I'm punchy. Can't sleep. God has me up – again. I love it when He's in EVERY detail of my tired life!:)


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