Happy Anniversary to us…

Six years… it’s flown by and it’s taught us a lot… about life, each other, ourselves, love, relationships, trust, patience and friendship. How do you commemorate once a year, when you should really be doing it every day…

Well… we’ve learned to honor each other at the end of the day… to meet up in the kitchen at the end of every day for a hug and a kiss and a “how are you today?”… and at least a moment of “just us”…

But every now and then I truly need to stop and thank God for the gift of intimacy He’s given me in the love of my life… could it be a glimpse of the love He has for me? or is His love deeper? better? different?

Until we know… we will honor each other daily, celebrate annually, and thank Him for the love He has given us in each other. And I get to enjoy beautiful bouquets of flowers like this one… lucky me!


One thought on “Happy Anniversary to us…

  1. Seriously, you are love sick. 🙂 Yes and yes! I believe you hit the nail on the head girlfriend! How wise of you to acknowlege that God gives us a glimpse of intimacy when our human hearts are set ablaze with passion. Isaiah 62:5 As the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee. Amen and amen! Happy happy anniversary!


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