The Story of my new Pazzles…

Several months ago I started to save up my hard-earned pennies to buy myself a Cricut… my creative brain was longing for something new to play with. And I had the opportunity to try one out at a creative getaway I went to around the same time.

At the end of the 2 days I was convinced… the Cricut was definitely what I wanted! (Thanks Mila – for letting me touch and use and drool all over your Cricut! My childhood scrapbook looks so much better for it!!!) And I came home and told my hubby about it… and he started researching… here is a sample of one of the words I did…

In my childhood scrapbook I was able to leave behind one word memory triggers on each layout … and it added such a great touch to my scrapbook!

Fast forward… a few weeks later I brought it up in conversation again (still saving my pennies)… and he said “Oh – I forgot to tell you… I found something else you should look up. It’s by Pazzles… it’s called an ‘Inspiration Creative Cutter’.” He went on to explain it can also cut out text and shapes and images, etc… but you hook it up to your computer and you can manipulate the images a bit more. It can also dry emboss, pierce, weld words together… really, since you’re doing the manipulation of the image, you are only limited to your imagination.

So, I kept saving up for it… and then went for it. Retail price is $600. But being so cheap… I only paid $479 for it and found a coupon for FREE SHIPPING! (Thanks to Deb! Thanks for talking me into it!) HA! Power to the coupon collectors! Plus, I had a $50 coupon for Joanns from a friend… and so, I went shopping for my birthday! (Bad habit, I know – but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE buying my own birthday present! How about you?!)

So, here is one of my first creations from my new Creative Cutter…

It’s a rather small cut project, but it’s welded! And that’s more than I could do with the Cricut I took for a test drive. So, I feel like I’m already up one… and moving closer to what I envision my creations to look like. But this is just a taste of it… there is much more to come. So, stay tuned… I’ve got some good stuff on the horizon!


One thought on “The Story of my new Pazzles…

  1. Lori Jean, this is a way cool birthday gift to self! Looks like you're gonna be up day and night having fun fun fun! Hubby sounds like a keeper too — are we some of the most blessed women on the planet?! YES! and YES again.


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