Instant Gratification – via my Pazzles

Since I put this shadow box together (from our wedding, in 2003)… I’ve been wanting to put something in there representing the year we got married.

So, here you have it… may I present to you(completed) project #1!!! All the rest of the elements have been in this box since early 2004… I just needed to repair some “falling” items and put the year in there.

So, let me tell you a little bit about us. If you couldn’t tell, we went to Italy on our honeymoon. And the white pieces of paper in the middle of the box… that’s our personalized vows … The background (gold foil) print is wrapping paper… off of a present from my parents. The keys? Well, there is a story about the large key in the middle (the others were acquired from various antique shops in Oregon)… at some point in my single life I bought the “key to my heart”… and held on to it. As I say, I was single at the time I purchased it. And I purchased it with the hope that someday I would find the man of my dreams. (You see – this would be my second marriage. The first wasn’t very dreamy… so, I was still holding out hope.) I held onto that key… I kept it in my jewelry box and looked at it daily. It was symbolic to me in so many ways…

So, when Lee proposed to me I gave him the key to my heart…

And now it hangs on our wall… but He holds me in his heart. I love you honey!


One thought on “Instant Gratification – via my Pazzles

  1. This is BEAUTIFUL! You and Lee are BEAUTIFUL. The story of the key is a treasure, and I love how you've preserved it. A great big AWWWWW from me!


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