Thinking about Christmas…

We are currently on vacation… and we’re doing exactly what we want to be doing. My dear husband is surfing the net (reading music blogs, posting on musicians forums and reading the news), my Grandparents are playing “chicken foot” and me? I’m stamping…

We’re fortunate enough to go on vacation and do what we want to be doing…

I worked hard to get my supplies ordered and delivered just in time to pack it up for our road trip to the Pacific Northwest. But I didn’t order enough ribbon… so I haven’t been able to complete all of my cards… just working on pieces of it while I wait for more ribbon to arrive. (Sidenote – Why does it seem like I’m always ordering more ribbon?! Maybe I should change to name of my blog to “Addicted to Ribbon”… )

In the meantime I’ll work on more of these beauties!

Happy stamping folks… I’ll be back to playing with my Pazzles soon enough…


One thought on “Thinking about Christmas…

  1. Welcome back home! Your Christmas cards look like they are going to be really really cute. How did it get to be the holiday season already? Sheesh! Hope you are doing well!


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