Labels x3

It’s time to think about holiday baking… and what we want to eat… and holiday parties… and what we’re going to serve for snacks and sweets… and so I pre-made some labels.

Really, I just posted these pics for my Mom’s benefit (‘cuz if she does then I’m going to send them to her for HER party and HER desserts).

So, what do ya say, Mom? Like them? Should I make more? Or would you prefer different colors? In total, how many # would you like?

This first one is meant to look a little like a Christmas package (made of a burgundy colored card stock)…. there is bronze cord wrapped around the “package” with a nice label on top of the box and some cute flower embellishments.

This cute label uses razzleberry and mossy colors to match your house – you like?!

And the third one – I know you love this turquoise color and it is complimented well with a sage green in the background (although I think the flash made it look more gray). It’s really pretty in person.

And when you click on the pictures above it will enlarge the picture for you. See the glitter I added to each one? Really, pretty detail… don’t you think?!

Say the word – I’ll drop them in the mail to you… just let me know the names of the desserts you are making and I’ll get the labels done too!


One thought on “Labels x3

  1. Well, I'm not mom but I love them all! The first one (the "package" might be my fav, because of the glittered flowers. SO adorable. Happy Thanksgiving friend!


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