Thanksgiving was over the top…

… and we are ever so grateful for our blessings!

First we started off with a slice of Heaven. A Holiday sourdough treat that I discovered for the first time this year. My friend Claudia told me about these scrumptious treats… thanks Claudia! You helped make the day. There’s nothing like some GREAT sourdough on the holidays!

We packed up our goods and drove to my Aunt and Uncle’s house out in Alpine. They live about an hour away … and if you know me well, you know I love hitting the road and going for a drive! We packed up our stuff… and an hour later walked into a house that smelled like this…

Yeah, words cannot explain… except to say that turkey had been bathing in a brine of wine. So you know how I feel about that.

And from the kitchen, this is the view…

Seriously! How can one get any cooking done when the view looks like this?! That’s El Capitan Reservoir. Doesn’t it make you want to get int he car and go for a drive too?!

So, we took one last pic and then put the camera down. It was time to soak up God’s beauty, laughter with the family, and the smells coming from the kitchen… we are so blessed… can you see the tear in my eye?!

Happiest of Thanksgivings to you, from Lori and Lee … now, it’s time to break out the Christmas stuff, get wrapping those presents we send to Oregon and Texas, and light the “Frosted Berry” candle. Hmmmm…..


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