i love the smells and sights of Christmas time…

As I type this, my house smells like Febreze’s “Cranberries & Frost”. And I’m looking at a large pile of pine cones that were spray painted and glittered-to-the-hilt for our Women’s Christmas Event at church (it was held last night). Lucky me – I got to bring home some of the pine cones and will now be using them in my decorations at home! But, I’ll write more about that later…

Do you want to see what last night looked like? Enjoy…

Along with some great friends we enjoyed some good food, beautiful singing, lots of fun memories and laughter… and some touched hearts. Women desire to be connected… to see a heart in someone else that they can relate to… and once that connection takes place a friendship buds. And in friendship all sorts of great things take place… and we saw some of it last night! What a great night with my friends …


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