a Christmas tradition in our house…

It’s only two ingredients… and that’s all it needs to be…

Tonight my hero-of-a-hubby came home to baked goodies on every flat surface in the kitchen… as he scanned the room his eyes didn’t even sparkle. UNTIL he saw these in the works! And he said – “I know you’re baking for Christmas goodies (meaning, to be boxed up and put into packages being shipped out of state) but those aren’t leaving the house!”

I promised to make him a batch all his own…

And this is how it’s done… open a bag of pretzels. This brand is my favorite!

Melt the vanilla flavored candy coating (this brand is also my fav – and I’ve tried MANY Others… none stand up to “Log House”… they should be paying me for these endorsements…) … melt it according to the instructions on the back. It’s THAT simple…

Find something in your kitchen to pick up the pretzels – you can use a chop stick, or a butter knife… tonight I used a skewer.

Keep dropping in the pretzels and flipping them over to coat them on both sides… pick up and transfer to parchment paper. It’s a good idea to let them dry… BUT, if you happen to find some broken pretzels, enjoy them before they dry! It’s Heaven… simply Heaven!

Each bag of pretzels this size goes through approximately 2 trays of candy coating. And each tray of candy coating will coat about 60-70 of these “tiny twists”… and to think, my hubby gets a batch all his own!

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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