Deck the halls…

It’s that time of year… I pulled down the dusty boxes and unpacked some goods. Not a lot of goods… ‘cuz we don’t have a lot of room. In fact, we don’t even make room for a Christmas tree. But we do have a ficus in the corner… so we put the tree skirt under it and bling it up a bit… and voila! Christmas has arrived… plus I do a few more things in the living room and the kitchen…

wanna see?!

We like our little house (Christmas tree or not)… and I have boxes full of Christmas decorations I haven’t been able to use yet because we simply don’t have the room. But soon… hopefully soon, I can set up the 22 Nativity sets around the house (I do not lie)…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… from our little house to yours…


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