can you say “sugar-high” ?!

My co-workers and I thought it would be a great idea to share holiday goodies this past week… and nothing says MERRY CHRISTMAS more than a sugar-high! Right?!

Along with my goodies, I brought in: my Christmas playlist, candles, some decorations for the table and a cheerful holiday spirit… we found a crock pot and a boat-load of chocolate to melt (to enjoy a fruit/chocolate fondue)… and our co-workers pitched in with some amazing sugary goodness…

take a gander…

… my friend Scott brought his homemade streudel and peanut brittle… OH YUM! (neither of which lasted very long…)

We were buzzing and didn’t get much work done for the rest of the day… but we were enjoying the time together. Usually work is so hectic this time of year that we don’t have the time to celebrate together… we changed that this year…

Merry Christmas to one and all…

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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