how I love receiving Christmas cards!!!

Disclaimer: I cannot take credit for the artistic license used on these cards. I can however take credit for having some very creative friends who love to spend time making their Christmas cards (just like I do)… how lucky am I?!

So, I wanted to share the masterpieces that graced our mail box and our bookshelf this past holiday season. I love looking over all the work that went into these hand crafted gems. They all inspired me, to one extent or another…

This card inspired me to replace my broken Cuttlebug! HA! (I broke it several months ago by forcing something through those rollers that didn’t have any business going through there. It’s my own fault… and I’m embarrassed to admit it. But now it’s out there for all the world to know… whatever!) How I love the embossing folder used here by my friend Kaye! Thank you for inspiring me…

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this card… thanks Joanie! I love the different fold and and the bright colors! (Every year I promise myself I’m going to find a “different fold” for this year’s card… and it just doesn’t happen… maybe some time in the future…)

Suzi – these colors are stunning! Where did you get that designed card stock from ?! Is that DSP from SU?! What is it called?! Please tell me it’s still an active product… ‘cuz I need me some of it! So beautiful!

Kellye – I know just how long you worked on these cards… I was so thrilled to get this in the mail, FINALLY! HA! Love it! Don’t you just want to kiss that snowman?!

Thank you, Cheryl! I didn’t know you were a stamper! I can’t wait to get to know you more… see what else we have in common!

Kay – thanks for sharing your beautiful card with us! I loved these colors… and the sparkle of the glitter on that paper. Simply gorgeous… how blessed I am to call you a prayer sister!

And from my Stampin’ Up! upline, Natalie Travis! I know you make way more cards than I do… and you put soooo much work into each one of your cards. You’re a pro! You’re my hero… do you start these in July?!

I love the layers and the colors… and Lee made special note of it one afternoon: “Wow – this is an amazing card! Who made that?!”

So much detail… and I love the letter you include every year. Your kids are growing so fast! Simply amazing…

And this one?! Oh my! So much time and work went into the layers of this card. Sherri – these colors just jumped out at me before I could even get it all the way out of the envelope!

I mean look at each layer… she distressed the edges, the has two colors on those trees (was that with the watercolor crayons?!) and she dry embossed that strip on the side… wow… so many layers, so much work, so much love went into these cards! I’m so grateful to have received this card in the mail…

Thank you to my creative friends… you inspire me with every envelope! I love your crafty genius! Keep ’em coming!


One thought on “how I love receiving Christmas cards!!!

  1. You have TWO friends named Kay?!? How can you stand it? ha This was fun to see all the handmade cards and feel your joy in receiving and enjoying them. Me too!


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