A special treat…

Several years ago I visited Alaska during the week of the Iditarod… it was a fun experience! But it was sure cold… so, I visited Humpy’s Great Alaska Alehouse for a night out on the town (and interestingly enough was introduced to heated toilet seats and heated water in the toilet bowl… but I digress…)

I am happy to report that the highlight of my visit at Humpy’s was that I got to taste this for the first time in my life!

It’s a beer, a Belgian beer to be exact… and it’s packaged with a cork and a bottle cap. It’s not your typical beer, as it’s kinda “sparkly”… so it takes you by somewhat of a surprise.

Lindeman’s offers several different flavors… my favorite is Kriek (black cherry). This is a “once in a while” treat for me… and I sure relish the time spent with my Lindeman’s…

What special treat do you look forward to?

enjoy your time in the kitcen…


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