my choice for olive oil

It’s not fancy… it’s rather inexpensive… and I prefer it to “EVOO”.

And I don’t care what Rachel Ray thinks!

I’ve tried various brands of “EVOO”… and it made the food too sweet for my tastes, especially onions. I wasted many a batch of spaghetti before I figured out what was making my spaghetti taste like someone had dumped some sugar in there. (My mom likes her spaghetti tasting sweet – but it’s not for me.)

So, I stick with this olive oil as my standard cooking oil (for most things, and canola oil for other things)… until I know more about olive oil and how to use which kinds.

What’s YOUR favorite?

enjoy your time in the kitcen…


One thought on “my choice for olive oil

  1. Olive Oil? Whatever is on sale! My mother used to buy Pompeii. Right now I'm using Kirkland Filippo Berio Organic EVOO. I also have an unopened bottle of Giada De Laurentis Academia Barilla…a gift.


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