stone ground mustard

I’ve been wanting to try a new mustard, most specifically for a pork tenderloin recipe. I’m not much of a mustard person… but I think it’s because I haven’t had the right mustard.

Fortunately, I happened across a PBS show called “America’s Test Kitchen” where they tested 5 or 6 different mustards. This one was rated high among their studio audience. (A different brand was rated high among the test chefs… but I consider my tastes closer to those of a regular studio audience person.) So, let’s start there…

I’ll start with a taste test, and then try some mustard on a sandwich and then test out that pork tenderloin recipe and report back to you. Cross your fingers for me, ok?!

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


One thought on “stone ground mustard

  1. Mustard – I inherited my mother's love of mustard. My childhood friend Mary Kay used to eat mustard sandwiches…white bread and mustard and that's all. America's Test Kitchen is a great resource for products and recipes…nice magazines and cookbooks too.


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