6″ x 6″ indexed scrapbook

A few years ago I received an interesting package in the mail at Christmas time. I believe I had been participating in a special project swap. And I received an indexed Christmas scrapbook… similar to this one.

And so I made it my own… by making a recipe index. Enjoy the pics…

Can you figure out what the “index folders” are?

Those are envelopes! With the flap flipped backwards and glued together to hold them together… I know, how ingenious!

And now for some close up shots of some of the super cute details…

Anyone else wanna play?! I think I might lead a class…


2 thoughts on “6″ x 6″ indexed scrapbook

  1. Yes, I can guess …. it's the wonderful world of chipboard?! Lori this is a SUPER project! And it houses your SUPER talented cooking recipes! Ya know, I just gotta get that BIRD PUNCH someday …


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