vacation time = breakfast with hubby during the week!

In the past several weeks, while on vacation, I’ve been reminded of the benefits of having days off with my hero-of-a-hubby. You see, his days off are during the week (while I’m typically working).

But with these weeks of vacation I’m riding out … we’ve had more time together.

And more time together = more meals together. And that includes breakfast for two…

We simply love the Grands Biscuits … I find them in the frozen section at our market. They are individually flash frozen and then sold in a bag of about a dozen or 15 of them. You can cook up just two of them to make breakfast, or four of them to go along with dinner. Makes my world so simple and so yummy!!!

We of course made the most of it and made our own breakfast sandwiches. Oh, the bliss of vacation days…

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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