Spring has sprung! I have the proof!!!

On Thursday I hit up Trader Joe’s for some food goods… and couldn’t resist buying myself a hyacinth. When I brought it home it was only a tight cluster of green knobs sitting atop a stem.

By Friday morning around 10:15 am this is what it looked like! I count about 9 open blossoms. It was rapidly coming to life… but there wasn’t much of a scent yet…

Later on Friday afternoon (around 3 pm) I noticed there were even more blossoms… and it was starting to smell like hyacinth in my kitchen! See?! Now I count about 13 open blossoms.

And today?! Look at what I woke up to!!! And on the first day of Spring…

Isn’t she beautiful?!

I’ve moved her from the kitchen window sill to my Grandma’s old table next to the couch… where I currently sit and enjoy my Saturday morning. The birds are chirping outside, rays of sunlight are streaming through the windows and Southern California is waking up to a beautiful first day of Spring.

And me? I’m the most blessed girl on the face of the planet. I’m in love with life…


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