Lovely inspiration

Just before Valentine’s I received a B-E-A-utiful card in the mail from my blogger-friend Kay! check it out: Creativity Is Good

I love the amazing layers. She really got it right with this card…

And I’ve been admiring it (with a little jealousy brewing) for several weeks. Finally I got my bootay to the stamp room to make my own version.

My own version? Realy it’s only different colors, different paper and different glitter. The layout is exactly the same. I had no creativity today. But I sure did copy her amazing creativity! And that’s a good thing!

Thanks Kay… you’ve been an inspiration to me in so many ways…

Most recently in the card department…


One thought on “Lovely inspiration

  1. ….. only took me a month to find this blog post! LOL Dear World, this very card is sitting on my desk at work with THE most sweetest inspiration/bible verses to help me meet my days! God bless the card-maker! She's an angel!


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