more blossoms in my yard…

If you’ve seen my back yard in the last 2-3 years you’d be surprised that anything is even alive back there. And yet I find these blossoms randoming dispersed in various corners of my parched yard.

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And the calla lily that I tended to week after week, and hasn’t blossomed in nearly years?! Look at it now… all it needed was a few years of neglect (oh yeah, and the wettest winter we’ve had in years!)… 😉

This plant started as a bulb from my Grandparents’ yard. They moved out of the area in 2003 and left me with a few bulbs. Gramma will be happy to hear and see that there is finally a blossom on her plant (no thanks to my efforts)!!!

What does the rest of the yard look like?! Glad you asked… ok, maybe not so glad…

(Ahem) This is the yard shortly after we had the 3-4 foot high weeds cleared out. Yes, we neglect our yard. Shame on us… but starting on Sunday we have a “gardener”!!!

Woo hoo! My prayers have been answered! More pictures to come soon… which will include sod, flowers, plants and working sprinklers!


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