All about my sabbatical…

My to do list for sabbatical
– take a nap everyday
– type hand-written recipes into computer
– burn rest of the music cds to computer
– dust silk plants in house
– sort boxes of photos
– shred old documents
– enjoy some lunches with friends
– overall, get organized
– take some day trips for photography purposes

What I did…
– sorted through 10+ years of photos
– painted the bathroom
– cleaned out/painted the laundry room (top to bottom)
– took the long road to/from my errands
– went out on a few day trips for photo fun
– stayed up late, later than i’ve seen in years
– slept in late, later than i’ve seen in years

What I thought I would do… but didn’t…
– get a daily nap in
– exercise more regularly

What I lost…
– shredded 10+ years of old documents
– purged stuff from closets and under beds
– 8 large trash cans full of junk

What I gained…
– knowledge of many things (caught up on reading)
– desire to be at home more
– inspiration
– appreciation for routine

Did I spend the 6 weeks like I thought I would? No
Would I change any of it? Maybe just a few things
Do I wish I could have travelled somewhere? Sure … but being at home during the late winter/spring isn’t all that bad when you live in San Diego!

Am I the luckiest girl in the world?! Yes! My company gives me paid time off every 5 years and I get to use this time however I want to… on top of my regular vacation benefits. Such a great benefit.

I love my job. Seriously – I know full well that not most people can say that. I love how my strengths are put to work and my weaknesses are challenged. I love how it makes me grow as a person and a friend and an employee. I am far from perfect when it comes to how I do my job, handle conflict or work on a team – and for those things I’m grateful that I’m where I’m at. They give us room to grow and the opportunities to stretch our wings doing what we love to do.

Yes, I’m the luckiest girl in the world! I get to do what I love in so many areas of my life…


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