Friday night in Clovis

Last friday I had the opportunity to check out another farmer’s market: Old Town Clovis Farmers’ Market

Our first stop (oh wait, after the tri-tip sandwiches – which I didn’t get a picture of because my hands were drippy) was the corn! Oh – did we search out the corn…

And wow – this is some special corn! It’s fire-roasted in the husks, then stripped and cleaned. Next, the corn starts to receive layer after layer of tasty-goodness: starting with butter, followed by mayonnaise, followed by parmesan cheese and lastly followed by cayenne pepper!

Exchange it for a few dollars and you’re off to enjoy the rest of the farmers’ market…

Let me introduce you to my friend Heather – she likes the corn! (And that’s an understatement!)

Take a walk with us… see what we saw!

If you haven’t had the chance yet… find a farmers’ market near you! They are full of people-watching opportunities, great fresh produce and some really great times!

But don’t take my word for it… check it out for yourself…

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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