Raclette at the Swiss Chalet

While in Tahoe last week I noticed a restaurant on Tahoe Blvd I wanted to check out online. I wanted to see if they had “raclette” on their menu… and what did their website tell me?

That they had raclette…

I talked my very loving (and gracious) family members to go out for yet another meal (even though a few of us were still full from lunch). We each just ordered an appetizer…

I first had raclette in a small village in Switzerland called “Gruyeres”… yes, like the cheese. Raclette is a certain brand of cheese that melts very well and browns up nicely under the broiler. It has a very gentle “browned” taste to it… a taste like I’d never tasted before. Click here for more on raclette.

In Tahoe, it was served a little differently… since it was an appetizer it was served in a nice tidy portion. (Part of me was disappointed – but the other side of me told me I shouldn’t have much more than this anyway… ahem!)

On the menu it read “Raclette – served over potatoes, with cornichons”. I had to ask what “cornichons” stood for (since that didn’t come with the raclette serving I had in Gruyere). The waiter explained that they were pickled vegetables. The small pickled onion and gherkin were a nice addition to this plate…

Once melted, raclette cheese is very different from fondue. Fondue is more creamy… more like a sauce or a dip. Raclette is more true to the melted cheese form… and perfect over potatoes!!! Or on bread… or even by itself.

If you have never had raclette… I encourage you to search out a place nearby so you can try it. It’ll change your view of cheese! I promise…

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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