freshening up for summer…

With the official start to summer just over a week away (June 21 is fast approaching) it suddenly dawned on me that I just wasn’t ready for summer to be here.

During the hot months it usually gets up over 100 degrees F for several weeks – and that just makes me cranky. And you don’t want me cranky… I’ve been known to “close the kitchen” and go on strike for several days. And you know what that means for my hero-of-a-hubby… he’s bound to lose a few pounds! 😉

And then I snapped back to reality and realized I needed an attitude adjustment. So I gave myself a pep talk…

“Get over it… life isn’t all that bad… you can handle some heat. Suck it up, girl… you’re going to survive! You’re a tough girl…”

And what do the tough do when the going gets tough?!

Come on… you know the answer…

(of course!)

Today I hit up a few stores for some necessary household items, and while I was out I found a few inspirational items that will help me deal with the impending heat wave that’s getting ready to land upon our Hidden Valley (Escondido, Ca).

This tablecloth and this colander…

They would brighten anyone’s day… wouldn’t they?

Now, I need to ask someone to commit to doing me a favor… when I start complaining about the incessant heat just remind me of my prized new tablecloth and colander. And I’ll chill out… k? Who is up for the task… ???

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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