Our UNpet, the one-eyed wonder…

Yesterday you were introduced to the “one-eyed wonder” (aka the possum missing the right eye) in the last post. Tonight we heard some strange clicking noises outside… and this is what I found when I looked outside the front door.

I think we’ve determined this is “mother possum”. And did I mention yesterday I think she’s rather old? Well, she’s back…

And what was the clicking noise? I’m glad you asked! It was the mother making a clicking noise with her mouth. And then we heard a clicking noise on the other side of the chain link fence. Then more clicking from mom, carrying 3 babies on her back. Again she would click her mouth then we’d hear more clicking from the other side of the fence. Interesting…

Kinda gross… but still interesting.

I didn’t stick around to see her figure out how to go over or under or through the chain link fence… but I did snap a few pictures.

Did you know possums only have a 13 day gestation period? Check out more info here: Possums (That is, only if you’re interested.)


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