Grilled Chicken, prosciutto and provolone panini!

I’ve been in the panini mood lately…

Which means: I’m missing Geneva, Switzerland.

I lived/worked in downtown Geneva for several months in 1999… and quite often I could be found ordering a ham and swiss panini for lunch, from a street vendor. The paninis were made fresh while I waited … so I would watch the happenings in the park.

And as far as I’m concerned… it was the best lunch in town. (But don’t let this secret get out to any of the high-paid chefs in town!) It was hot. It could be wrapped in paper. I could walk down to the shore of Lac Leman while I was eating.

Feeilng nostalgic lately … I broke out the cast iron panini grill and press.

Simple ingredients… sliced/buttered bread, fileted chicken breast, prosciutto, provolone and tomato. I fileted the chicken breast before cooking it. Cooks faster. Cooks evenly. Makes for a great panini.

So here’s what took place next…

Starting with some crisped up prosciutto… it’s salty. It’s thin. It’s oh-so-good!!!

On a grill pan or in a saute pan. It will only take about 45 seconds on each side… and then it’s crisp. Set it aside and it’s time to move on to the chicken.

Kosher salt on the chicken…

Chicken on the indoor grill pan…

And a-flip!

Once the chicken is done, the paninis can be built. Time to move from the grill pan to the cast-iron panini grill.

Buttered side of the bread face down on the grill…. add the cheese…

Then the next ingredients… in this case, tomatoes followed by prosciutto.

Keep layering… chicken and the “top” of the sandwich.

Place the panini press on top and push it down with the handle on top. You DO want to squish the sandwich. So, go ahead… squish!

After about 1 1/2 – 2 minutes, flip the sandwich over.

And again… squish!

Another 1 1/2 – 2 minutes and it should be ready.

This is my favorite part. When you turn the sandwich over you will see the cheesy crust created by your squishing. And it is oh so good…

Cut it in half and share it only with the ones you love…

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


3 thoughts on “Grilled Chicken, prosciutto and provolone panini!

  1. I wanna! I wanna! Want YOU to make it for ME! 🙂 Lunches are my weakest meal. I often eat "leftovers". This looks delish–but I doubt I would ever buy the panini pan, 'cause I wouldn't use it that often, even as much as I lo-v-e paninis.


  2. Marie – i used an italian "pane bread". i find it in the fresh baked bread section… it's a round load and looks like a sourdough loaf. i find french bread to be pretty "airy"… and this rustic pane seems to stand up a bit more to the high heat and the panini press. but that's just my humble opinion…


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