Quick Bolognese and another panini…

Another quick dinner for a hot summer…

I found a recipe on the back of the package for Trader Joe’s pappardelle (egg noodle). So I tried it.

This is what it looks like.

But you can’t tell by looking at the picture how it tasted.

So, let me ask my hero-of-a-hubby what he thought.

He thought that he wanted to lick the plate clean. And that he did…

I’d say that was pretty scrumptious.

And the panini? It’s very simply italiano pane bread (soft, soft, soft bread) with provolone slices inside. I drizzled a little bit of olive oil on the outisde of the bread… and squished it between the panini grill and the panini press. And when I pulled the sandwich off the grill I rubbed it with a large garlic clove… just to leave a hint of garlic on the crispy bread.

My hubby also wanted another sandwich…

I’d say this dish will definitely reappear on our table at some point in the future…

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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