Entombing coasters…

And yes, I’m using the word ‘entombing’ lightly. I just don’t want these cardboard coasters to start falling apart as soon as someone uses them for the first time. I’d like them to stick around a little longer. Thus…

Let’s use SU’s Glassy Glaze Enamel … it’s retired. So let’s use it up! (I guess we could use SU’s clear embossing powder the same way… but let’s use up the retired goods first.)

Here’s our cocktail party coasters…

And here is a sample of one with a few coats of the Glassy Glaze Enamel embossing powder on them…

The steps to do this? Using your Veramark pad, turn the pad over and lay it flat on the coaster. Press down firmly and move the pad around the entire surface of the coaster. Get out your heat gun and pour the embossing powder over the entire coaster. It will stick to the Versamark ink left behind on the coaster. Hit it with the heat gun and watch the pieces slowly melt together to create a uniform glaze over the coaster.

You can make the glaze thicker by applying another layer of both Versamark ink and the embossing powder. Hit it with the heat gun again… and voila!

A coaster that won’t start to come apart when it gets wet.

Taking these steps with the Versamark and the embossing powder will also deepen the colors of the surface. See how it pops?!

If you used the clear embossing powder you might want to do 3 or 4 layers to make it thicker… but that’s up to you!

Have fun with your heat gun!


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