What are these clear stamps all about?!

Yes, I’m late to the party. Everyone else has been playing with clear stamps for years. I’ve arrived! Finally… and it was worth the wait!

I pulled apart the first package.

Inside was a sticker sheet and a rubber sheet with the various cut-outs of stamp images.

Punched out the first stamp image and then found the matching sticker… and starting working towards assembling this new way of doing things.

Peel off all the extra paper layers… and lay the stamp image on the back of the rubber stamp… this will help the rubber cling to the clear block.

And here’s another one…

And then keep on going…

The clear stamp image/sticker on the back of the rubber stamp also helps the stamp cling to the inside of the stamp case. It’s good stuff… and smart!

The case itself is streamlined and another smart product… the stamp images are on the outside of the case.

More smart items: the name of the stamp set and the tiny little stamp images are also on the binding. This makes finding the stamp set easy once they are stored…

Have I said yet how I love “smart-products”??? Off I go to assemble my other new stamp sets!!!

And lastly, I’m happy that SU is offering the clear stamps now – for several reasons: they take up less space in my storage, they are cheaper than the wood-mount stamps and I can buy more of them!!!

I can’t wait to play with these things!


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